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Carlton T. Ashbourne is dedicated to providing design services that will enhance your outdoor living experiences and inspire your interior with unique elements.


The Carlton T. Ashbourne elements include:


•    Renson-Outdoor | a louvered pergola system providing shelter from the heat of the sun and the rain

•    Phantom Screens | Motorized retractable polished clear vinyl and solar screening

•    Green River Stone Company | 35 to 50 million-year-old one of kind fossilized stone for a unique interior design touch


Robin H. Bauer secured his education in England where he was classically trained in design.  He brings 50 years of design experiences from the apparel industry, consulting on the apparel for the White House and Air Force One personnel. His wide range of design and business experiences allows him to efficiently craft solutions and lead his team members. His keen eye for design elements ensures each component of outdoor living spaces and collections work for the client.  Recently, Robin designed, renovated and managed a historic condominium building, which was recognized with two ‘Heritage Preservation Awards’ by the Saugatuck Douglas Historic Society. Robin lives in Douglas MI with his wife Sharon, a retired Federal Administration Law Judge.


Robin is a Charter Member of the Saugatuck Douglas Rotary Club and a Paul Harris Fellow.

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