Phantom Retractable Screens ® incorporated on an adaptive louvered pergola will increase the

underutilized outdoor space by providing solar, insect, and clear vinyl screening on the

horizontal side openings. The motorized louvers provide protection from the direct heat of

the sun and the rain. The Phantom clear vinyl and insect screening on commercial spaces will

extend the revenue-producing season and protect from windy rainy weather.

Phantom Screens and an adaptive louvered pergola utilize complimentary sustainable materials

and exterior power coated industry standard colors for the sought after outdoor destination.

With Phantom Screens® installed on the adaptive louvered pergola, the total combined systems

are now insect-free, UV solar damage-free and undesirable weather-free to enjoy your outdoor

living + dining experiences.

Somfy® RTS Control will operate both Phantom screening and the adaptive louvered pergola


Adaptive Louvered


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