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Established in 1909, Renson Outdoor®  is a worldwide pioneer and trendsetter in outdoor living concepts.  All pergolas, carports, façade cladding, and garden elements blend in with residential and commercial architecture … and are customized for durability, comfort and supreme quality … European designed and developed with USA manufacturing facilities the pergolas provide ‘shelter from the heat of the sun and the rain … help increase hospitality revenues.  


The Renson® pergolas meet the Miami-Dade County Hurricane acceptance criteria and tested for water, wind and snow load protection. 


The Renson® pergola side opening weather protection elements i.e.: sliding panels, retractable screens and clear vinyl windows, optional lighting elements, heat and sound features help create a ‘total outdoor living room for your home and hospitality destinations. All features are controlled with a Somfy® remote.


‘Get ready to discover a Renson® Outdoor Living Healthy Space’. Paul Renson, Founder

Residential, Commercial, Hospitality Pergolas


Sun Protection, Sliding + Structural Panels, Awning

Façade Wall Cladding

Garden Elements

Renson Pergola

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